Discover the joy of dance with Lessons

CM Dance teaches all levels of Social and Competitive Ballroom and Latin dance.

Private instruction for individuals or as a couple

We teach private lessons at Fatcat Ballroom & Dance Company as well as Moonlight Dance, both in Phoenix. Private lessons help to increase your confidence on and off the dance floor. With a little instruction, you can become more comfortable with leading and following of social dances like swing, cha cha, waltz, and tango. You will gain the confidence you need to dance with anyone, almost anywhere.

Our lessons run for 55 minutes and we tailor them to each individual’s/couple’s level and expectation of dance.

Competitive Dance

Ballroom Dancing is a beautiful sport for participants and spectators! Join our CM Dance group at local competitions for a glamorous experience!

Our students find dancing in competitions is a great way to enhance what they are learning and gives them a goal to strive for. Students participate at all levels of dancing—from the very beginner to the very advanced.