Look Your Best on the Competitive Floor!

Ladies – are you planning on competing soon but unsure how your makeup and hair should look? I’m here to help you.

You’ve worked so hard in preparing for the big competition — now it’s time to look as beautiful as you’re going to dance. As a competitive dancer myself, I know what it takes to achieve that special look to get you noticed by the judges.

A makeup session with me will be tailored to each individual after a short consultation. I have all the essentials to take care of you: foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick. I can even apply those pesky false eyelashes for you. If you prefer, we can use your own makeup (for example if you have certain allergy restrictions).

Allow me to give you a final pampering and relaxation time before you enter the dance floor — it’s true, beautifully applied makeup could give you that extra edge over your competitors.